New FUT Icons and their Ratings revealed


There are new FUT Icons coming with the new FIFA 19. On here you will see all the new Icons and their ratings.

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Here we go – this are the new FIFA 19 Icons

1Johan Cruyff

The dutch playmaker is maybe one of the best dutch player ever. In our opinion he should have been added to the game a long time before. Finally we got him! Look at those stats.


Rivaldo was a great player. To every club he went he scored almost in every second match. That’s just unbelievable and makes him a great FUT-Icon.


After Cristiano Ronaldo he is the best Portugese player ever. First Portugese to win the Golden Ball ever. An absolut legend in his country.


One of the best Spanish player ever. The legendary number 7 of Real Madrid and Spain: Raúl.

5Clarence Seedorf

Seedorf has great allrounder skills. He will be very important in FIFA 19 and can really make a difference in the game. Don’t miss him.

6Steven Gerrard

The englishman in his prime. His stats are just perfect for a CM. Great passes and great shooting skills.

7Frank Lampard

Another english legend: Frank Lampard. He got some nice ratings right there.

8Claude Makélélé

Perfect for your CDM. He played for some really big teams in the world such as Real Madrid and was pretty successful everywhere he went.

9Miroslav Klose

The german striker and best scorer in the World Cup history so far.

10Fabio Cannavaro

There are only a few defender, which would make a difference. Fabio Cannavaro is one of them. One more great defender became a FUT Icon. Awesome.

11Roberto Baggio

The Italian legend is one of the best Italy ever had. Here we see his awesome rating.