In the last few days we could see how more and more player suddenly had access to the full version of FIFA 19. Xbox One and PC gamer could use the early access, but somehow it is possible for player all around the world to play FIFA 19 more than one week before the official release. Normally the game is releasing on 28th September. Gamer who pre-ordered the Champions Edition have access to the game on 25th September, but still there are people having the chance to buy the game much earlier for the standard price. The FIFA 19 community came up with this letter they posted on the EA’s Facebook page and some other places.

“Dear EA Team!

This year, like other FIFA lovers, I pre-ordered the Champions Edition (PSN Store) to receive the game three days before the release. The paid markup was worth it to me as I get the game earlier. But this year a lot of “offline” retailers have already sold the game one week before the release! On the one hand, these buyers have a financial advantage because they have bought the game for the normal price and on the other hand a clear advantage in the competition since they play the game 7-8 days before the remaining FIFA customers. These unfair players create big advantages in the popular FUT MODE and hope to participate in the big GRAND FINAL. For all other customers, it is very disadvantageous if they start with coin backlog (see in the table). It is not fair to loyal FIFA customers! Dear EA Sports Team show fair play and switch on the full version for all customers immediately or switch to the 25th September – release date – all statistics and coins at 0!”

What do you think about this? Is the community right? We would like to hear your opinion!

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