The Italian Serie A in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


This year is the year of the Italian football.One of the worlds greatest footballer transferred from Real Madrid to Juventus Turin. The world is taking a look on the Serie A again and we will take a closer look on the Serie A on this article.

The Serie A won lots of quality

Not only by CR7, but also player like Luka Modric suddenly want to play in Italy. In total the Serie A is maybe one of the leagues the people will start to watch again. While the Spanish La Liga lost quality, the Serie A gained quality. Also teams like AC Milan, Inter Milan or Napoli SC are getting a great squad this year. Inter Milan got a pretty sick team for this year. Check them out.

Big amount of player you can choose from

The best thing about the Serie A in FUT 19 is how many great player are available. The standard is set very high. Teams like AS Roma, Lazio Roma, Juventus Turin, Inter Milan, Napoli and AC Milan all have some great player. You can simply pick yours and form a team. This makes it super easy for you to find suitable player for your squad. In the Spanish La Liga it all comes down to Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, but in the Serie A you have diversification.

serie a

Cheap price for great player

Every experienced FUT player knows this: The player of the Serie A are much cheaper than player of the Premier League. Even they got decent stats like 85er OVR they still got an acceptable price. If you don’t have much coins we can strongly recommend you to start with a Serie A team. They got many player you can choose from for a reasonable price. Don’t even think about the Bundesliga or La Liga, because they are not really good anymore and lost lots of quality. For more tipps and tricks check out our blog.

Amount of Good Player
Player Ratings
Position Diversification
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