The Italian Serie A is filled with great player, which will make it possible for you to build an amazing squad. Here are the five striker you should definitely take a look to. In the last few years they already made a huge impact in Ultimate Team. This year they are ready to rumble again. If you need to more coins and points these tricks will help.

1Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus Turin)

He is probably the greatest player of all time and will definitely score his goals for Juventus Turin in the Serie A. For you he will be a real „goal machine“. Definitely get him if you can. He is absolutely worth it.


2Dries Mertens (SSC Napoli)

He won’t score many headers with his 169cm, but he will make unbelievable runs. In the last few years he has been amazing on FIFA Ultimate Team. This year he will make the difference again. Pro: He is not expensive at all.


3Ciro Immobile (Lazio Roma)

Since he came back from Borussia Dortmund he has been amazing in the Serie A. He might be one of the best strikers the Serie A got and he also got some really interesting and decent ratings. In FIFA 18 UT he was a real beast. If you are looking for a reasonable striker you should get him.

4Mauro Icardi (Inter Milan)

He is the same player type as Ciro Immobile. This is why we would recommend you to get only one of them in your Ultimate Team. Also Icardi did some really incredible things in the season 17/18. He won’t be too expensive. Check him out.

5Gonzalo Higuain (AC Milan)

Yes, Higuain is now playing for AC Milan, which should drop his price on Ultimate Team a little bit. This is definitely good for us, since he is a great striker. Higuain combined with Mertens in the front is a really good duo. Higuain can keep the ball, is great at headers and got some decent shooting skills.

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