Upcoming FIFA 19 glitches and bugs


Like every year you can expect a game full of bugs and glitches. This makes it very easy for some gamer to win matches or manipulate the whole FIFA Ultimate Team mode. Also in FIFA 19 you can expect a bunch of glitches and bugs, which will help you to win one match after another. It is easier than you might think.

Helping EA to fix them or helping the community?

Glitches like the kick-off bug or the OVR 99 glitch are happening always every year, but it takes some time until people are actually finding out about how to take advantage of those gameplay bugs. After all it is your decision: Would you report it to EA and maybe get a small reward like a few goldsets? Or would you share it with the community and teach other people on how to hack and cheat FIFA Ultimate Team? Be sure it will be fixed after a while. For the kick off glitch it still exists, but everything which makes EA lose some money will be fixed after some time. These year we could see there are many updates being released for the game, because it was full of bugs. The goalkeeper, the defender, the gameplay, everything had bugs and glitches. Even the Weekend League had lots of mistakes. Suddenly it was possible not to lose anymore. The only mistake happening were people suddenly found out about it. If you ever find a cheat or glitch like this make sure you won’t tell anyone about it.

fifa 19 glitch
There were many glitches for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

Glitches in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Also this year you will see lots of bugs in the gameplay. Be sure you will be the first one being informed about it on our blog. So far we only know a FIFA 19 coin generator and hack will also be avaialble for the latest version of the game. Like every year you got the opportunity to get unlimited free FIFA 19 coins and points. Make sure to use it as soon as possible right after the release. Electronic Arts could release updates to fix it as soon as they find out about it.